DIP 018: The internet repeats itself

DIP 017: Experiential retail, American Girl style

DIP 016: Equal parts product, service, and community

DIP 015: Scratch my back, I'll scratch yours

DIP 014: Bigger than a sundae

DIP 013: Patterned after Gin Lane

DIP 012: A different kind of well drink

DIP 011: Sustainable for whom?

DIP 010: Where are we going?

DIP 009: Building a digital playground

DIP 008: Are you sensing a pattern?

DIP 007: You can stand under my umbrella

DIP 006: All for one and none for all

DIP 005: Return of the milkman

DIP 004: Omnipresence isn't the point

DIP 003: Community #goals

DIP 002: Opportunism and anxiety

DIP 001: Glossier and the art of a good tease


Marginally better than spam.